Meet The Polifluor

The Polifluor Family was founded in 2001 and with almost 20 years of life is already present in reputable companies located in Brazil and the World.

Polifluor since its inception has been dedicated to the utmost in manufacturing quality products aimed at high performance industries in various segments, always offering the solution your company needs.

Ultra modern technology for processing pure or loaded PTFE. The courage to take on new challenges and to believe unconditionally in your company's solution through high technology and innovative ideas.

Polifluor Fabricação de Materiais em Teflon®

Polifluor Fabricação de Materiais em Teflon®

Polifluor stands out with its differentials and characteristics that have been incorporated into the company's concepts and principles, such as:

- Personalized servisse

- High tech

- Quality products

- Delivery Agility

- Warranty Acquired

We also have qualified engineers, trained professionals in various areas and a modern and innovative infrastructure to offer our customers cost-effective, quality and efficiency. Request a visit from one of our representatives and learn more about the products that Polifluor offers.